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1/4th Scale

23Ton - 2' Gauge Locomotive for 7. 25 & 7. 50 gauges

prototype photos

We call it the GE23, mostly because it was built by General Electric and weighs 23 tons, but also because we proudly offer the Generic Electric, or 'GE' and adding the 23 was an easy way to tell them apart.

We plan on offering the GE23 as both RTR and as an easy assembly kit. If you're interested in owning one of these units, please call because we're only going to make a limited run each year. Here's a brief rundown:



Art Peterson volunteers #1 for duty.

GE23 making noise at ALS.

Art Peterson shows remote.


GE23 Number 1 is with her new owners down in PA. The fibreglass shell is being finished and primed. The windows have since been cut out and headlights installed.




• Bulletproof & simple to understand RTR 24volt electronics.
• 4 powered axles taken from the proven Generic Electric system.
• Plate steel sideframes, just like prototype. No castings.
• Motors hung on axles like prototype.
• Sealed ball bearings on axles means long life.
• CNC machined wheels. IBLS standard. Welcome on any track.
• Sprung for excellent tracking.
•Owner-set top speed 0-12MPH.

Options include Sound, Remote Control and Air Pump.

We're going to being assembling two units during Spring 2014, so it's best to call ASAP

and discuss timeframe for delivery Summer 2014 and your final costs

$6495 Machined Kit, rough shell.

$8995, unpainted RTR.

$500 basic Sound System.

$500 Remote control.

$900 air system with brakes.


Call Sam Pool at 978 865 6727.