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Bulletproof RTR Control

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Plum Cove Studios is now your source for the proven Pacersetter 24v controller previously offered by our friends at Diverse Electronic Services.

In stock, or short wait times. Build your own system, or save time and brain-cells by purchasing our Ready to Run systems.

We also built larger systems for larger locomotives. Just call us to discuss!

We can custom configure a system for practically any size project. Give us a call at 978 865 6727.





Plum Cove Control RTR


Once this system arrives at your house, simply attach two 12v batteries found anywhere (Walmart, Sears, NAPA, a local marina, etc) via our provided harness and you're off and running. It's literally that easy.

We stand behind this system. If operated within the specified parameters, it's almost impossible to go wrong.

Our handheld throttle is sprung loaded to center, which acts as a nifty deadman switch. We've also provided two pushbuttons on the handheld unit; one is momentary, the other on/off. This makes hooking up a bell, horn or lights a snap.

Hidden in our system is a "Grandfather" knob... it limits the output of the system so that you can hand your locomotive over to the grandkids and feel confident that even if Little Johnny tries to go full throttle, he's only gonna crawl along.

24 volt 55 amps continuous, 100 amps peak with overheat protection. Reverse polarity protected. Conformal coated for water/corrosion resistance. PWM output, continuously variable speed from stop to full forward and stop to full reverse. Regenerative braking. Output for brake relay or possible magnetic brake assembly coil.


Motor Speed Controller Notes

The BK+ and BK- terminals on the PCB are for an external electromagnetic brake which is utilized by most scooters so they don't go for unanticipated joy rides. If not used, they may be left unconnected or you can amuse yourself by connecting a 24 volt light bulb which draws no more than 1/2 amp across the terminals and watch the light go on & off when you operate the throttle :>) DO NOT SHORT THESE TERMINALS. Smoke & burnt things will happen. For some strange reason, this is not covered under warranty.

The motor used with this controller can be anything from a toy motor up to a motor rated at about 1/2 HP and drawing 55 continuous amps. The controller will allow brief excursions to 100 amps or so but only for a short while (until it gets hot). If you try to do this for a sustained time, the controller will "fold back" (reduce) the current to 35 amps or less until it cools off. A small cooling fan can help usder run larger loads for longer. You can use a voltage source of up to 28 volts MAXIMUM with this card. Anything in excess of that WILL destroy components on the card. This is easily identifiable and will also void the warranty.

This card cannot be modified to work at higher than 28 volts.


Ask about our RTR radio control system that plugs and plays into the Plum Cove Studios control system. Literally plug it in, and it not only controls the direction and speed of your train, but also features on/off and momentary switching... perfect for bells and horn. The "in locomotive" unit draws power from the "ship's batteries" so you'll never run out of juice, and the wireless remote uses AA batteries and should last all month, maybe all summer.

$499 radio control


More about the Pacesetter

24 Volt Four-Quadrant Operation - Provides true regenerative operation for excellent braking and speed control
Separate Accel/Decel Adjustments -Provisions for factory set resistors or on-board optional potentiometers
Anti-Rollback Circuitry - Minimizes roll back on hills by autosetting the brake delay function
Current Limit Protection with Peak-Boost Feature - Rated up to 100 amps peak 55 amps continuous. short-term boost feature for extra power in negotiating obstacles
Reverse Speed Max adjustment - Full Range Adjustment - factory set resistor or optional potentiometer
Input Pot Range Adjustment- Adjusts input gain to compensate for variations in pot Styles and Rotation - Factory set resistor or optional potentiometer
Input Pot Center Adjustment - Allows for easy adjustment of throttle neutral - Standard supplied potentiometer
Reverse Polarity Protection (Battery Input) - Prevents closure of the on-board "power" contactor - eliminates voltage blocking devices
Control Inhibit Input - (Logic High) use this input to disable the drive when charging the battery
High Throttle Monitor - Prevents operation on start-up until throttle has been returned to a neutral position
Brake Output - Provides separate output to a brake (2 amps)
Pot Loss Protection - Prevents operation when voltage is less than 16.5-17 vdc. protects motor, controller, and batteries
Anti-Plug Circuitry - Prevents instantaneous voltage reversal causing damage to the motor or controller
Neutral Throttle - Applies brakes when throttle is released or power is interrupted
Quick Connect Terminals - All connections to the controller are made through standard 0.250 "fast-on" connectors