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If you're thinking of a Generic Electric, don't hesitate. Get your order in ASAP,

because as of now it takes 4 weeks for delivery.

Plum Cove Studios offers the GENERIC ELECTRIC

Ready to join the Hobby!?!

Want a great locomotive for the gandydancing crew ?

Want something that’ll fit in your auto’s trunk!?!

Wondering how to get Junior more involved?

Plum Cove Studios is building the answer!

Introducing the latest addition to the Plum Cove Studios' lineup… the Generic Electric!

We’ve taken surveys… we’ve taken names… Now we’re giving you exactly what you asked for, at exactly the price you said it should be.

Powerful enough to haul a work train and workers, yet compact and light enough to be carried around in the family car’s trunk… you’ll find many uses for the Generic Electric.

• Electric powered, by two deep cycle marine batteries (available at Sears & other fine stores).
• Variable speed controller, with reverse and dynamic (regenerative) braking.
• Two powerful electric motors, prototypically hung on each axle.
• Solid couplers on each end.
• Assembles in one weekend, with only simple hand tools.
• Able to haul a full train on most reasonable track grades.
• MU’able with other Generic Electrics.
• Fits in almost any car trunk.

Ever since we first hinted at this project two years ago, we’ve had constant requests – even folks begging – for us to offer a low cost electric locomotive. We’ll, we’ve listened, and Plum Cove Studios is now applying the same K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle that has made Phinneas T. Phlatt so wildly popular and successful to our first locomotive. The G.E. locomotive is so simple to build, and so simple to operate. It’s not only the perfect way to get into the Hobby, it’s also the perfect product for veteran Live Steamers who are looking for easy access to their railroad without firing up a large locomotive, or who are looking for a means to involve young children.
The locomotive kits are available for pick-up, delivery or shipping now (however there may a delay from when you submit order to when loco kit is ready). If you’ve been waiting like everyone else, don't miss this running season... It’s time to take action.

Pricing is just $1795 for a complete kit.(boxing and shipping extra) As these kits are so easy to assemble with simple hand tools, there are no plans for Read to Run versions (except perhaps the rare demonstrator unit).

Would you like to see some movies of the little darling in operation?

Would you like some tehnical info on the motors?


Kit Only $1795 (price as of July 17th, 2011.

Build it yourself in a weekend, the kit comes complete with everything: wheels and axles machined and absolutely every item you need to assemble your own Generic Electric. All wood is precut and sanded smooth. There’s little finishing work to be done. All holes have been drilled and counter-sunk. Everything lines up. Everything is square. It’s a snap to assemble. But take your time, it’s the perfect opportunity to marvel at how well constructed your new Generic Electric is, and dream ahead to the many years of faithful service it will provide. Want to build your own cab? Get the running gear only for $1495 (includes frame, suspension, hardware, electronics and two powered axles.). Want the cab without the running gear? It's only $299.


More images
A grainy image for sure, but it's impressive to see John Geib haul three large Pullmans full of passengers out of Long Island Live Steamer's station (and around the track at breakneck speeds too!) .
A pair of Generic Electrics make friends at Long Island's Summer Meet in July '05. Club Secretary John Mehrling (right) is driving frame #40, built by the Plum Cove Studio's crew to test quality control. Parts were readily inter-changeable with the prototype (Green, left) driven by Bob Greenberg and both locomotives performed smoothly for the entire weekend. Bob has since joined the Plum Cove Studios family with the purchase of a GE frame custom built to a length of 36 inches.
Some Generic Electrics in various stages of test assembly. Over 200 locomotives have been produced to date. All of them at one point passed over this table, where fit and finish of all parts are carefully monitored, ensuring an easy to build locomotive kit.
Plum Cove Studios' Sam Pool shows a Generic Electric cab he test assembled to monitor quality. Sam took parts off the shelf, and taped them together (note green painter's tape). Note the perfect fit. No wonder Sam is smiling!
This is a finished frame, and what you'd get if you ordered the Running Gear Only kit. (Well, you'd also get the electronics, the hand controller and the wires...)





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