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Get started on your own backyard railroad and get on the path to the Live Steam hobby.

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New for 2012

Plum Cove Studios now offers the 24v control card previously offered by Diverse Electronic Services. Click here for more info.


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Our first major new product in a while are these highly detailed roller bearing style trucks. They pay homage to an old classic, but with modern updates and our bullet-proof wheels and bearings.

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Helping Live Steam and Backyard Railroad enthusiasts around the world.

Gift Cards available, call for details today 978 865 6727.


The Phlatt started it all. See the solid, reliable and great looking flat car that can now be found throughout the US !!! (and in fact on four continents!)

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Our reefer car is highly detailed, is the perfect mobile toolbox, and can easily be converted to serve as a rolling cooler.


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Our electric locomotive is tiny, but outpulls many other locomotives. Assembles in just a few evenings with simple hand tools found at home.


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The keys to the kingdom. Our good looking arch bar trucks are built like the prototype, with bent steel. Use them to build your own car. Includes bolsters for mounting to your car. Simple enough that anyone can assemble, but so well built they'll give you years of trouble free operations.

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We're building this famous 23 ton Two Foot gauge locomotive built by General Electric for the Whitin Machine Works (later found on the Edaville RR). Essentially two powerful Generic Electric chassis under a heavyweight frame, this little beauty will haul lots and lots smoothly and quietly.
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So successful is the Generic Electric, that folks are looking to repower their other locomotives. Or build trolleys. Or speeders. Or "what-have-you." Build anything that requires powered axles.
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Plum Cove Studios offers RTR control systems not only for our own Locomotives, speeders and trolleys, but also are a proven turnkey replacement for aging systems. We also offer replacement systems for other manufacturers who don't stand behind their product or answer their phones anymore. Click here for more info. <-- Click there

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