What has your 401(k) done for you lately? Here’s a great secret: Plum Cove Studios products typically appreciate in value the moment they leave the shop. Simply put, a running locomotive in 1/8th scale – no matter what condition – is usually worth more than what our kits cost. We (and the other manufacturers combined) simply can’t build enough to flood the market, so there’s always going to be a need. Because our kits are so easy to build, you will only have to add a minimal amount of sweat equity to increase the intrinsic value of your purchase. Anyone who can tie their own shoes and operate the typical light switch can assemble a Plum Cove Studios kit.



Have you taken the family on vacation lately? Do you own a canoe. kayaks, skiff or other small boat? A motorcycle? How about a recreational vehicle? You know, for less money than any of the aforementioned, you could own an entire 1/8th size trainset that will provide weekend after weekend of pleasure for decades. Join a club near you. Better yet, join several. Amortize the cost of acquiring your new trainset over the number of hours and days of pleasure it will provide and you won’t find a better return on investment anywhere!



In some ways yes. But the cost of materials has leveled off, and in some cases, plummeted. Most Live Steamers are old school – minimal debt and an eye toward value. You’ve eschewed conspicuous consumption. You’ve held off building your backyard railroad dream because the cost of materials was going unrealistically through the roof. Now your wait has paid off. Steel, aluminum and iron are all on sale. Foundarys and machine shops are scrambling for work. We here at Plum Cove Studios saw the commodity bubble coming several years ago and stocked up on raw materials. We stocked up early and didn’t purchase overprice goods. At first, even we thought we were crazy buying a room full of steel and aluminum, but his is how we’ve kept prices low.

TIP: Because the economy stinks and major industry has slowed, manufacturers of raw goods have drastically slowed production. They’ve closed mines, laid off workers and shuttered factories. This means when the economy picks up again – and it will – commodities are going to be in short supply. And you know what that means, prices will go through the roof again in quick order. Now is the best time to build that dream railroad!



For a minimal expense, you’ll get an investment:

that appreciates in value

that you can play with

that sells for more than you bought it for

that you can trade or sell without tax consequences