Close Up 

.MOV 0.8mb

Here we see the original, sans cab pulling hard at ALS.

  Pierson Speeder

.MOV 2.5mb

Here's Superintendent Sam riding the prototype locomotive, sans cab. We wanted to test out the bearings, and couldn't think of a heavier load. Kinda fast, eh?



.MPG .2mb

Watch Paul Pool start a train on a 2.14% grade.

Removed, because we don't want anyone to have proof that the little sucker will actually cause sonic booms.

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Take a moment, and remove your hat in respect to perhaps one of the greatest instances of "disaster averted" ever caught on video... the speed trial of PCS's Electrocute.

Peterson Curve

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Paul rounds Peterson Curve westbound on the Annisquam Scenic Railroad in Gloucester, MA.