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Generic Electric, Full Kit. 7.25" or 7.50" gauge.


Generic Electric, Running Gear Only. 7.25" or 7.50" gauge.


Phinneas T. Phlatt, Complete Kit. 7.25" or 7.50" gauge.



Whreephur D. Phridge, Complete Kit. 7.25" or 7.50" gauge.



Arch Bar Trucks, Complete Kit. 7.25" or 7.50" gauge.

Read To Run


Phlatt Car Body. A great way to start your own car.

No decking. No steps. No handrails. No Trucks.

Stake Pockets. Beefy, solid, and good looking.

Operating Couplers. Compatible with most all brands in hobby. Very sturdy.

Includes steel coupler pocket and mounting hardware.



Hardwood Decking. 100 pieces of wood, pre-drilled to prevent splitting. Upgrade from the standard Pine decking, or purchase for your own project. The drilling alone (four holes in each piece) makes this product attractive!!!



Power axles. 7.25 or 7.50. Custom gauges may be available

All prices are in USD. Boxing and shipping are extra. Due to rough nature of railroading, warrantee is for manufacturing defects only, however we will work with you to replace components broken as a result of normal wear and tear at a reasonable cost. All items are shipped from our Gloucester, Mass facility. Because each order is essentially a custom order, and we purchase materials specifically for your items, refunds (for any reason) are not possible once payment has been deposited into our account.