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Please review the following before considering purchasing online:

1. Plum Cove Studios is now offering this online shopping cart for the convience of those who would rather pay electronically. Because we strive to keep costs low for the benefit of all, we do not have sufficient profit in any particular product to offset the typical loss of 3% per electronic transaction. Thus, we are forced to add a 3% "convenience charge" to the transaction. Please note: the shopping cart has a flat rate for each product that includes the cost of boxing and shipping. If you order multiple items, you'll see each item but no breakdown of boxing and shipping

3. Your credit card will be charged as soon as you order from this website. This is a function of the processing company, not Plum Cove Studios. By using this service, you agree to the immediate charge, even if product delivery is several (or sometimes many) weeks away. Depending upon our foundry and vendors, there could be considerable time between the placing of your order and shipment from our facility. On the plus side, your order is placed immediately (see note #5).

4. Prices are subject to change at any time, and without warning. However, once you have ordered, you are locked in at that price.

5. Orders are sent "first ordered, first shipped."

6. Due to rough nature of railroading, warranty is for manufacturing defects only. However, if something breaks as a result of normal use (or even an accident such as a derailment), we'll work with you to replace the part at very minimal (and sometimes zero) cost.

7. As all Plum Cove Studios products are essentially custom made -- and materials are usually purchased upon your order -- we unfortunately can not offer refunds on payments made once raw goods have been purchased. Once an order has been placed (by any payment method), it's locked in.

8. Now that all that stuff is out of the way we look forward to doing business with you!!! Thanks for supporting our efforts at giving the live steam hobby some inexpensive (but top quality) equipment! We look forward to having you in the family.

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Winter 2020, we are not presently processing Credit Cards. Call for PayPal. Your personal check is welcome.

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