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Ready to join the Hobby!?!

Want to grow your train quickly and easily?

Paul Pool, at Plum Cove Studios, is building the answer!

Whether you're looking to build your first car, or add to your fleet, PCS trucks are the answer! Inexpensive to own, and a joy to operate, you'll have years and years of faithful service from our Arch Bar trucks.

• Steel sideframes, jib bent just like prototype. No castings.
• Sealed ball bearings. Long life. Low rolling friction, make long trains possible, even with smaller engines.
• CNC machined wheels. IBLS standard. Welcome on any track.
• Sprung for excellent tracking.
• Assembles in 90 minutes, with only simple hand tools.

•Top (car) bolster included (not pictured).


KIT $399 per pair (includes shipping)

RTR $499 per pair (includes shipping)

Build it yourself in a weekend, the kit comes complete with everything: wheels and axles machined and absolutely every item you need to assemble your trucks. There’s little or no finishing work to be done. All holes have been drilled and counter-sunk. Everything lines up. Everything is square. It’s a snap to assemble. But take your time, it’s the perfect opportunity to marvel at how well constructed your new trucks are, and dream ahead to the many years of faithful service they will provide.


For extra options & shipping details: call, fax or email:

Plum Cove Studios
Paul Pool, 19 Linwood Place, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978 865 6727

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